Difficult Choice


When I  was last year in  Senior High School, I was so confused to choose an university. It was very confusing for me because my plan and my family’s plan were totally different. I wanted to still study in my home country which is Indonesia exactly in Yogyakarta but my family asked me to study abroad which is in Sydney, Australia.

I didn’t want to study anywhere except Yogyakarta. I still struggled of my plan and one day, when my mother complained me. I felt so angry and at that time, I really wanted to study in Yogyakarta. I told to my mom that I didn’t want study in university if I didn’t study in Yogyakarta.

My mom was shocked and speechless. At the time, I felt so guilty. The next day, my mom asked me about my plan and then my family allowed me to study in Yogyakarta and I was so happy.

When Christmas & New Year holiday, my parents went to Australia for holiday. My sisters are in Australia as well for study and work. I didn’t follow go to Australia because I didn’t get my tourist visa. So poor of me.

I just stayed at home and helped my father to tended his store. It was so boring. After Christmas, I wanted to send my file to enroll to University in Yogyakarta but my brother asked me to don’t send first because my sister wanted to call me and talk something with me.

On the call, my sister asked her friend to talk with me. She gave me plenty of advices to study abroad and I didn’t have any idea and I thought it was true. Then, I changed my mind to study in Australia instantly. I’m not a consistent person actually. I can change my mind easily.

It was complicated choice but at the end, I chose to study abroad that is in Australia. Now, I am an International Student in Sydney, Australia.

Note : Let’s think well before we are going to do something or make any plans for future or something else. Listen advice from other people and take the positive side and think then discuss it together with your close people (such as your family and so on) to get better choice.

Think it well or you will regret it!